The definitions are my own, I will link the definitions I used for further reading.

  • Cardinal points (CP) | Points on a demand curve which are either turning points (max/min) or fixed-time points
  • Electricity National Control Centre (ENCC) | GB’s centralised hub for electricity system operation
  • Scheduling Process In a Control Environment (SPICE) | Software used in the ENCC for scheduling
  • System Operating Plan (SOP) | Snapshot of key information available to the ENCC at that time of its creation.
  • Grid Supply Point (GSP) | A point where the transmission network and distribution network connects
  • Distributed Network Operator (DNO) | The organisation that distributes electricity from the transmission network into homes and related infrastructure
  • Supergrid Transformer (SGT) | Transformers that step up/down voltage at grid supply points
  • Operational Energy Manager (OEM) | Responsible for updating forecasts from 4 hours ahead to real-time
  • National Balancing Engineer (NBE) | Responsible for instructing the increase/decrease/delay of generators across GB to keep the system balanced at 50Hz