Thank you for stopping by. On this page I intend to keep an updated log of my academic activities.

This will include:

  • Any activity regarding my YouTube channel
  • Completed projects
  • LeetCode problems
  • Some informative rambling
  • Anything else I think could be beneficial for others :)


On my YouTube channel I post potentially helpful videos for revision. They typically go through question(s) from a specific section within a module. I intend to continue doing this throughout my time at university, and work on producing content at an increased rate over a larger range of modules.

I may even deviate from this standard format and post videos about any personal projects, although my main goal for now is to make it a solid revision resource for students.

When I post about my YouTube activity I will give it the youtube tag, and I may also provide the specific module as well. On the blog post itself I will embed the YouTube video and also provide my digitally handwritten workings and any additional links I think are relevant.

I have already created a fair few videos prior to creating this website, but I do not have any additional information for them so I will not post them here.

Completed projects#

These will be categorised with the project tag. I intend to provide a full rundown of the project which will include:

  1. The prerequisites
  2. The development of the project
  3. The final result
  4. My reflection

But first… I need to actually have a personal project worth showing :( Perhaps the website itself would count!

LeetCode problems#

LeetCode is a platform that provids thousands of programming challenges that typically arise in technical interviews. It is a great resource to practice and improve your programming skills. There are various other websites similar to this (which I’m sure you can find with a simple search) but I am happy working with LeetCode.

These posts will be created with the leetcode «difficulty» tag, and I may also have a more general challenge tag for any similar coding/engineering problems I complete that are not projects.

Informative rambling#

I’ll tag this with ramble and these posts will be university related but not completely academic. For instance, I plan to write a sort of review for my first year here.


As this website develops I will likely come up with more categories so stay tuned!