Making myself accountable


I have tried a couple of times now to regularaly complete LeetCode problems but it has never lasted more than a few days. Hopefully it will be different this time! This blog is going to be an outline of how I will document my LeetCode progress, I will also describe how this could hopefully be a useful resource for others.


The format of my blog posts relating to LeetCode problems will be as follows:

  • Outlining the problem
  • Sharing initial thought process and any prerequisites
  • Developing the solution
  • Record of the completed code
  • Reflection

I will complete the problems in Python. I chose this language because it is one of the easiest and I may be using it in my second year of study. The focus of completing these LeetCode problems is the problem solving aspect of them anyway, hence the language chosen does not matter too much.

My goal will be to complete 1 problem every day, although the blog may not get updated as frequently.

Your benefit#

These blog posts may also provide some benefit to the reader. For example, some solutions are hidden behind a paywall and so are less accessible. It is still possible to view other people’s submissions however most people just send their code without any explanation. My aim will be to provide more complete solutions which should aid the learning process, rather than you just being able to copy and paste the correct answer and move on.

Making myself accountable